Alexander Fust

Alexander Fust

Alexander Fust


Leiter Transfer & Fördergefässe, Mitglied der erweiterten Geschäftsleitung KMU-HSG, Direktor FörderVerein KMU-HSG, Lehrbeauftragter der HSG und Habilitand

Büro 1-321
Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St. Gallen
Further fields of research

Entrepreneurship Awards

Innovative Behavior of entrepreneurs

Main Focuses

time and self management

innovation in SMEs

finance in SMEs

Systematic entrepreneurial learning

Digitalisation and SMEs

Professional Career

2016: Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings


Executive Education KMU-HSG:

Different lectures and workshops in various executive education programs.

Fields of research

information search behavior to recognize entrepreneurial opportunities

Self regulated learning of entrepreneurs

Innovation in SMEs

Teaching Activities

University of St. Gallen, lecturer: 

Integrating seminar (6. sem. business administration, since spring term 2012)

Applied research projects II (8. sem. MSC, once in spring term 2013)

Leadership in SMEs (7. sem. MUG, sind autumn term 2012)

SME leadership (8. sem. MSC sind autumn term 2012)

Practice oriented project Entrepreneurship und Family Business II (7. sem. MUG, since autumn term 2013)

Time and self management in practice (8. sem. Handlungskompetenz,spring term 2014/15)

Guest lectures: 

Being an Entrepreneur (both 4 lessons, english, 5. sem. Major BWL, since spring term 2013) topics „time management“ and „innovative entrepreneur“

International Entrepreneurship (2 lessons, english, 5. Sem. Major BWL, spring term 2012 & 2014) topic "Business ideas in practice" 


Academy of Management (AOM)

International Council for Small Business (ICSB) 

German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB)