Swiss Institute of Small Business
and Entrepreneurship

SMEs, Entrepreneurship and Family Businesses – these three pillars constitute the basis for our activities. The dialogue and exchange with entrepreneurs and executives spurs us on to generate and pass on knowledge about SMEs, Entrepreneurship and Family Businesses.

Fields of activities

Swiss SME Day

Swiss SME Day

(A German speaking conference in St.Gallen)

The theme of the Swiss SME Day on Friday, 28 October 2022, is: "SMEs and relationships - constantly changing".

The host is once again Tobias Wolf, and the day will be moderated by Tagesschau presenter and neo-young entrepreneur Franz Fischlin. Speakers include Reto Föllmi, Giada Illardo, Reto Schmid and Jacqueline Badran.

Registration via the SME Day website

Institute's directors

Institute's directors

The KMU-HSG is a «largely autonomous institute of the University of St.Gallen without being a legal entity in its own right». The Institute's «Executive Board» has the function of a board of directors. The Institute's Directors and the Board run the KMU-HSG's operative business.

Institute board

Rencontres de St-Gall

A reserach conference with tradition

Since 1948 every two years a selected number entrepreneurship researchers from around the world meet at the «Rencontres de St-Gall»

Rencontres de St-Gall 

Books and Publications

Get access to our academic publications via the university's Reserach portal Alexandria.

Books (mostly in German) in our own publishing house «KMU Verlag HSG».

The institute's library is integrated in the University's library.


Research Fellows

We co-operate closely with the following research fellows.

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