«The most personal and nicest conference ever!»

«Rencontres de St-Gall»
A research conference with a long tradition

Every two years, SME researchers from all over the world meet for a week at the Rencontres de St-Gall in order to debate SME-specific issues.

The next «Rencontres de St-Gall» will take place 2.-4. September 2024 in St.Gallen. Topic will be «The Mechanical Turk and its Grandchildren ante portas: The Significance of Artificial Intelligence in Entrepreneurship Research and Practice».

They conference will again be «on invitation only».

The «Rencontres» de St-GalI» 2022 took place in St.Gallen from 30 to 31 August 2022. The conference topic was «Entrepreneurship as superpower or destructive force? Disentangling and contextualizing the bright, constructive and dark, destructive sides of entrepreneurship».

In an interview with Prof. Dr. Friederike Welter, keynote speake at the Rencontres 2018, talks about the Silicon Valley and contextualisation of entrepreneurship.

Friederike Welter: Rencontres video statement «Beyond Silicon Valley»

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Rencontres de St-Gall

According to the records of the Small Business Administration (SBA), the Rencontres de St-Gall is the oldest conference of this kind world-wide (it first took place in 1948).

“Rencontres is now officially my favourite conference.”
Dimo Dimov, participant 2022
“…has always been one of the very best in terms of intellectual stimulation and social interaction.”
Richard Harrison, 2022
“A particular climate that generates constructive relationships and effective knowledge sharing.”
Gilles Guieu, participant 2016
“Definitely my best conference this year, highly interactive, beneficial networking, great feedback.”
Martin Lukes, participant 2016
“The format was most appropriate for intellectual exchange of very high quality and the review process was constructive, in depth and highly critical. The theme was challenging, overarching and highly relevant to the global evolving context.”
«… and the audience was truly international and engaging.»
Lise Hunter, participant 2016
“It was again a very relevant, interesting, and enjoyable workshop. I like the breadth of the topics, the active participation of all throughout the whole program ..., and the friendly and collaborative atmosphere. I learned to know interesting new people!”
Sophie Manigart, participant 2016
“It was easily the most pleasant and interesting conference that I have ever attended - a very special meeting.”
Sara Carter, participant 2006
Rencontres de St-Gall in Wengen, 1968, Swiss television documentation
(only available in Switzerland)

Earlier conferences and proceedings

Entrepreneurship as Superpower or Destructive Force? Disentangling and Contextualizing the Bright, Constructive and Dark, Destructive Sides of Entrepreneurship

Conference proceedings

The conference had to cancelled in 2020 due to the restrictions of the Carona virus pandemic.

Beyond Silicon Valley: Moving towards a contextualized view of entrepreneurship

Conference proceedings

Institutional context and governance of SMEs and family firms: Trends and challenges

Conference proceedings

Leadership and the twin fields of entrepreneurship and small business management

Conference proceedings

In Search of a Dynamic Equilibrium: Exploring and Managing Tensions in Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Conference proceedings

Strategic Entrepreneurship – The Promise for Future Entrepreneurship, Family Business and SME Research?

Conference proceedings

Innovation, Competitiveness, Growth and Tradition in SMEs

Conference proceedings

Understanding the Regulatory Climate for Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Conference proceedings

Value Creation in Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Conference proceedings

Radical change in the world - will SMEs soar or crash?

Conference proceedings

SMEs in the 21th century - impulses, perspectives, concepts

Conference proceedings (PDF)

Renaissance of SMEs in a globalized economy

Conference proceedings (PDF)

Significance and Survival of SMEs in a Different Business Environment

see KMU-HSG library

Structures and Strategies in Small and Medium-sized enterprises as Impacts of Economic Recovery

see KMU-HSG library

A Changing World: Its Impact on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

see KMU-HSG library

Klein- und Mittelunternehmen im Zeichen von Internationalisierung, Technisierung und Qualifizierung
(Small business under the signs of internationalisation, technisation and qualification)

see KMU-HSG library

«Neue Ära»: Aufbruch oder Niedergang für KMU
(«New area: Revival or decline of small business)

see KMU-HSG library

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1984 Zermatt
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