KMU-HSG Supporters' Association

The KMU-HSG Supporters' Association supports the Institute's research activities. It links SMEs, research an entrepreneurship.

Support concept

  • As a member, you support the Institute, which as a non-profit organisation is committed to the concerns of SMEs in teaching and research and with services.
  • You support our worldwide research contacts and the international research conference, «Rencontres de St-Gall».
  • You help us strengthen SMEs in Switzerland with our activities.
  • You are part of a network of SMEs which champion the same cause. 

Your benefits from membership

  • Members regularly receive special publications from our Institute.
  • Our Institute Library is probably the most extensive SME library in Switzerland. Members are permitted to borrow books free of charge.
  • The KMU-HSG offers various executive education courses for SMEs, where members are able to benefit from price reductions.

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